The Supplement Goals Reference Guide

Yesterday was a big day for Sol Orwell and Kurtis Frank, the guys behind, as they released their first product, The Supplement Goals Reference Guide. I was lucky enough to preview the product, and I wanted to let my readers know that it is MIND-BOTTLINGLY good.

Mind Bottling

This product simply lets you know which supplements work, and which supplements don’t work. It’s the best resource out there for unbiased information on supplementation to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

The information in this product is based on over 2,000 HUMAN studies, and covers over 300 supplements and 180 health goals. It’s as comprehensive and transparent as it gets.

What I like about this product is that it focuses on the health goal to supplement relationship. In other words, if your goal is to gain lean muscle or lose body fat, there are sections devoted towards breaking down the supplements that are most effective in helping you achieve those respective goals. It’s very user-friendly, and extremely easy to use.

I highly recommend that you add The Supplement Goals Reference Guide to your library. It’s on sale for this week only at a price of $29, which is a great deal for such an expansive product.

Click HERE to check it out!